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Photo by Michael Scicolone / M3S Photography at Short Stories, Madison, NJ

Based out of New Jersey, Above the Moon is a four-piece that melds indie pop melodies with 90’s rock intensity. 

The group has pulled from their individual experiences, years of playing in multiple bands in various clubs, bars and basements, to develop a sound that is reminiscent of the greats they grew up on, but still remains new and exciting.

The band is fronted by Kate Griffin on vocals and rhythm guitar, in collaboration with Shawn Murphy on lead, Chris Mangin on bass and John Gramuglia on drums.  Together they create a powerful collection of songs that continue to push the boundaries of modern rock music, yet feel familiar at the same time. Above the Moon’s melodies will get stuck in your head all the way to the last feedback note. 

"Above the Moon's debut EP is out now, and I must say, it’s hard to believe this is the first time they have released something together. It’s extremely polished, intelligent, and catchy, to say the least."
-The Aquarian
"Take a trip Above the Moon for some stellar tunes that will keep you rocking to 90’s sounds and singing along with catchy indie pop melodies."
- Pop-Break.com
"These songs have a sense of defiance and optimism despite it all. Blast this on your way home from work or school and feel good about yourself again."
-New York Music Daily

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Live at the Clash Bar // April 8, 2017


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