My Random Jukebox Review

Above the Moon are a cool alternative rock band that are catching people’s attention including mine, so I thought I would talk about them with you all. This four piece band only came together in May 2015 but since then Kate Griffin (vocals/guitar), James Harrison (guitar/vocals), Shawn Murphy (bass) and John Gramugila (drums) have been focused on delivering music that they describe as ‘indie pop melodies with 90’s rock intensity’. Using their individual experiences from performing with previous bands they have developed their own sound which has been influenced by stuff they grew up with including the likes of Oasis, Pixies and Foo Fighters to name a few.

Not long after the band formed they released their debut self titled EP which is a solid little release. If I’m honest, this one didn’t jump out at me at first, but I could hear the potential that this band possessed. It was the song ‘Coats’ which won me over with its infectious sound, catchy lyrics and great vocals from Kate. Give the EP a listen by clicking HERE.

Now to the present day and the band have released their new EP called ‘The Distance is the Same’. I have a lot of time for this release as it shows that in a short space of time how much stronger they have become by giving us fans a true showing of how good Above the Moon can be. The first thing I noticed when listening to the album is how much more confident they sounded and with tracks like ‘Silver Tongue’ and ‘Stop Trying’ they have a bit more attitude about them but in a good way of course. I love how the band bounce off each other to give us such a killer sound.

Talking of killer, let’s talk about Kate’s vocals. Wow, I was totally impressed with her voice throughout the EP as she can deliver this infectious tone during the upbeat songs but can also give a soft and tender vocal display which can be heard on my favourite track ‘Moon’. All the songs on this release have a great showing of the lyrical side to the bands songwriting abilities but this one has a vulnerability about it which grabs you. Kate’s voice is beautiful on this one as it feels like she is opening her heart for the world. Such a great song!

‘The Distance is the Same’ is a great outing from Above the Moon and really shows that this is a band that has a lot to offer the world of music. I recommend that you visit their Bandcamp site (click HERE) to give this EP as well as their debut release a listen. If your ears like what they hear then you can purchase the music and add it to your collection.

I have spoke to the band about their plans for the future and they told me they want to create a full length album and hopefully make the band into a full time job. Fingers crossed they can make both happen. I am looking forward to hearing the album as well as other future releases and as I am following them on Facebook then I will be able to find out when these will be ready. You can also find information about the band as well as upcoming shows and this information can be found on their website at

I will be doing what I can to support Above the Moon as this is what you should do when music like this matters to you. So, if you are listening to Above the Moon then hop on to your social media sites to tell the world about them today!