The Hook Journal Review

Madison, NJ natives Above The Moon have been very busy - and we're just trying to keep right on up with them!

As Fall moves onward, we're branching out our feelers for new tunes, and Above The Moon finds their way onto our radar as of late! Their EP, The Distance is the Same, was just released on September 23rd, and is a 5-track-diddy sure to set your heart on fire! Totally check out the tracklist for The Distance is the Same below so you can follow along!

The Distance is the Same Tracklist:
1. Feel it Again
2. Silver Tongue
3. More Time
4. Stop Trying
5. Moon

The Distance is the Same is a hearty EP, featuring the talented collective of Kate Griffin (vocals, guitar), James Harrison (guitar, vocals), Shawn Murphy (bass), and John Gramuglia (drums). The quartet forms a tight little union to really highlight on all of their specific talents which create Above The Moon's sound - quirky, somber, and electric with sound!

Each track comes in at a well rounded 3-minutes, and exercise sound in genres closely related to alt-rock. Above the Moon reminds me a bit of Paramore's early work - the more gritty, eccentric guitar and drum work paired with Griffin's vocals set a really nice tone for the backdrop of their lyrics - lovestruck angst, loss, grief, the moon.

Opening track, "Feel It Again" is the opening of the metaphorical healing, but angry wound that The Distance is the Same inhabits. This song is smooth with a steady rhythmic drum and bass beat, the guitar a follower to Griffin's voice. This track sets the tone nicely for the album, a precursor to a lot of the themes to follow - but still allowing for some instrumental surprise to happen later on!

"Silver Tongue" follows up with a gruffer opening. A bass line to catch your ear, and an exciting angst that makes you want to bob your head. This track really opens up the EP to a new, more exciting level that is different than "Feel It Again," but definitely working on the same plane. It is followed up by third track "More Time," which slows us down for a more alternative rock scenescape, one with a catchy guitar line and a softer vocal poignancy from Griffin.

"Stop Trying" is reminiscent of "Feel It Again" and "Silver Tongue," which really gives this EP a nice, even flow to the consistency of music and tendencies! We really appreciated the ability to create unique tracks that followed a similar discourse to keep listeners guessing, while still comfortable!

Final track "Moon" is our absolute favorite off of the EP. "Moon" is so beautifully written, not only instrumentally, but lyrically as well. Griffin's voice is like a howling wolf during a full moon, the emphasis on that 'o' sound is so beautiful throughout "Moon." Instrumentally, "Moon" is a somber, sentient, and ethereal track much different than it's predecessors - which we appreciate as two things: an opening and closing.

"Moon" closes The Distance is the Same (using the EP title and their band title all in one song, ugh) while also opening us up to the idea of new sounds. What is next of Above the Moon? For now we'll let them revel in the clear success that The Distance is the Same has accomplished for them. A solid, standout EP that highlights what we loved about Above the Moon in their self-titled EP, but also a growth and change into something new.